Age Verification Popup Elite

18+ Age Verification Popup compliance tool prevents underage visitors from accessing your website.

Ecom Trend Age Verification Popup Elite app restricts underage visitors entering your Shopify store with a date of birth (DOB) verification. You can set the minimum age limit to access the website like 18+ or 21+ to ensure legal compliance and protection. Customize the popup in line with your store branding and theme. You can prevent underage access on entire website or specific pages. The app is fully responsive and functional on all devices and themes. No coding required.

  • Set minimum age requirement with Date of Birth (DOB) Verification.
  • Restrict all pages or specific pages.
  • Use the preset age popup templates or customize with your store branding.
  • Fully functional and responsive on all devices with no coding required.
  • Use the Age Verification Popup app to ensure 18+ legal compliance.
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